Age group
Registration fee Mini soccer : 540 rm a term

Junior Soccer : 600 rm per term

Youth Soccer : 600 rm per term
Monthly Mini soccer : 150 rm

Junior Soccer : 160 rm

Youth Soccer : 160 rm
Other fees 120 rm registration Including uniform .
Players details
First name

Family name

Parents details
Mother name
Father name
Guadiana name
Mother Cell
Father Cell
Guadiana ! Cell
Players info
T shirt size for uniform
Soccer experience

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Players at Isckl should be picked up and dropped off on time . Coaches cannot be held responsible for players not picked up on time .

I give my permission for my child named above to participate in the Isckl program . I will
Not hold Isckl it's directors , coaches , representatives , referee for any injuries or loss of property to participants .

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