Match report. U-12s ISCKL v RSC & MBPJ

The U-12 boys played 2 friendly matches today at Mardi crashing 6-0 on the first game to RSC and winning the 2nd game with a much improved performance against MBPJ with a 4-2 scoreline. A Silas hattrick and Mihir getting the 4th goal.

The ISCKL boys started off poorly against a very disciplined RSC team but raised their game later on despite the tragic circumstances of a tennis scoreline. Not taking anything away from the opponents who were merciless nor the poor pitch conditions which was fit for aquatics, the boys spent most of the time wading on their yacht in order to get through the stream of currents up front just to sniff up a goal opportunity. It was inevitable that wasn’t going to happen. Coach Sheldon had a few missed calls midway through the game at this point, presumably of messages with a vote of confidence given to reassure his illustrious colourful gaffa career!

The 2nd game v MBPJ saw a different approach with deployment of changes on personnels and with Mihir stationed on his own as a lone striker! It paid off! Mihir banging in a cracker and Silas taking the match ball home for his well scripted hattrick! At the back and in nets, Aakash must have hoped that Sky sports was covering the game as he did his camera saves and triple somersaults whilst leaving the opposition strikers bemused at the antics of this cat in nets, and wishing they had stayed home to enjoy a Sunday roasts instead.

Defenders Ajay, Kush, Jamie and Peter performed outstandingly at the back whilst Alex, Ingmar, Silas, Storm, Laurient, Rahul, Jude and Aayush supported their mates with excellent skills a nd coordination throughout the game.

A great day all around and many thanks to the parents for turning out.

Coach Sheldon.